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Xampp is a desktop application for local web development with Apache, MySQL, and PHP. It provides a WAMP for Windows, Apache, and MAMP for Mac OS X. Software Xampp Mac is a portable application that can run on any PC. It's an excellent tool for developers who want to avoid the hassle of installing and configuring Apache, MySQL, PHP, and Perl on their computers. It provides an easy-to-use, all-in-one package that can be installed in seconds. App is a web server designed for developers providing users with a simple, local installation of Apache, MySQL, and PHP. It's useful for testing, development, and learning how to work with these technologies. It can be used to provide web access to files stored on a computer. Software Xampp install is a cross-platform Apache distribution, with MySQL, PHP, and Perl, that was developed by Apache Friends Consortium. It's not an easy task to install Apache, MySQL, PHP, and Perl separately on Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux. This application helps users with installation of these tools. It's mainly built to provide an environment for developing web applications. Is a great free and open source software with a simple and straightforward interface. It has all functionality needed for web development and it's very user-friendly and easy to use. Only downside is that it does not have any tutorials or documentation available.


Product install Xampp is a desktop application with a graphical user interface. It has a server and a client application. Server application is called Wampserver client application is called Wampclient. App comes with a pleasant interface which is intuitive and easy to understand. It's divided into three different sections: installation, configuration, start. Installation section is for downloading and installing app. The configuration section is to configure Xampp Windows for the developers’ needs. Start section is to start the various services that are installed. Software is easy to install and use. It installs quickly and is very user-friendly. There is an understandable interface with clear instructions to install, use various features of application. For those who need more help, there are instructions for installing, configuring web server, database, and PHP.


Developers can configure their very own Xampp free download to be used with their specific needs. It's not limited to one server configuration. Software Xampp installer can be configured to use multiple web servers, databases, and other services. It's possible to create multiple installations of soft. 


Application download Xampp for Windows is designed to be simple to use. It installs quickly set-up process for each component is intuitive. Interface is user-friendly, has clear instructions. For those who want to do more than basic installation, there is clear information on how to do so.


Software product Xampp app download has great support. There are detailed instructions for installing and configuring the web server, the database, PHP. Those who need more help can find detailed explanations on how to do so. For those looking for more information on topic, there is contact information for company.


  • Which operating system is Xampp for?
    Application is designed to work on any platform that supports PHP and MySQL.
  • How do I open the Mysql client?
    You can open client by going to your start menu, programs.
  • What are the steps to start this application?
    To start this application, you should click start, run, and type in C:/xam


It's a free and open-source and is available for Windows and Mac OS X. Xampp has an easy to follow, step by step installation process. It's compatible with both Windows, Mac OS X. It's easy to set up and install and has a helpful user interface. Application allows you to install,configure a local web server, a database, programming language. Product Xampp download for Windows has a comprehensive user guide, a knowledge base. They have a forum on their website for community support.

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